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AYJ-R09 Thermo Lift Machine

Product Name: Thermo lift



Type: Focused RF wave

Power 600W
Voltage: 110V/220V

Output frequency: 40.68MHz

Operating probe: monopolar, bipolar

Specification: 122*144*544mm

Net weight: about 35KG

Time to market: 2016

Thermo lift- Focused RF Technology

Detail of Handle tips thermolift head, unilarge head

Product Detail


Thermo lift is a new generation of focused RF skin tightening system that can effectively improve wrinkles, awaken skin elasticity, and deepen the structure of relaxation, and achieve the youthful effect of firming and lifting of the whole face. Thermo lift has passed the US FDA and China CFDA-certified non-invasive skinning equipment, FDA zero adverse reaction record, is the safest skin tightening method, and truly achieve skin firming and anti-aging skin tightening technology.


Thermo lift focuses on the innovative development of stratified anti-aging concept, and has the functions of “lifting + firming + wrinkle + dissolving fat”. Adopting the concept of “accurate heating, stratification and anti-aging”, it can accurately lift the skin with different levels of action, and formulate exclusive skin-care solutions for people with different skin types.



1. The new generation of global focus on RF, the industry's new benchmark for tightening RF

2. Multi-parameter fine adjustment, private custom level skin tightening experience

3. Fixed treatment, easy and fast operation

4. Open a new era of stratification and anti-aging, and achieve satisfactory results with a single treatment.

5. No consumables



1. Leading technology and perfect innovation.

“Thermo lift” uses the global patent “Focused RF” to focus on RF technology, becoming the only RF skin tightening technology on the market that can achieve “precise heating, delamination and anti-aging”.

2, The effect is remarkable, perfect transformation.

“Thermo lift” uses sophisticated radar-based positioning and navigation, layered and fine heating, and reconstructs the skin support structure from deep and shallow stereo. A single treatment can see obvious effects.

3, personalized customization, the effect is obvious.

“Thermo lift” is the only three-dimensional shaping device equipped with unipolar and bipolar RF at the same time. According to different parts and skin structure, the personalized skin-beauty formula is perfected.

4, authoritative certification, really safe.

  “Thermo lift” is the only non-invasive skinning device in the world that is certified by both the US FDA and China CFDA.

thermolift head, unilarge head was develpped on the basic of Slift. We added special cooling system on probe. On the bigger handle, high RF, vacuum and cooling system be combined together, and can be controled separated according to your demand. So it can do some different types treatments: 
1,Skin tightening and lifting 
2,Wrinkle removal 
3,Body Slimming
4,Lymph Drainage
6,Reduce Swelling and Recover